Datingnode is a boutique dating platform. At its core is an industry leading API that powers our beautiful websites and native mobile applications. Datingnode operates a small collection of brands and we have positioned these at the top of the google search results and the app marketplaces.

Datingnode continues to grow at a rapid pace which we attribute to our world class product and the overwhelming positive opinions from our members. We offer originality and quality to our white label dating partners and also to our dating customers.

Quick overview

over 1 million members

over 2.5 million messages sent each month

gorgeous and original native apps

beautiful and responsive websites

world wide & full international support

primarily LGBT & now moving in to new markets

The #1 'lesbian dating' app on google play

The #1 site on google for 'gay dating'

Platform details

SSL/TLS encryption for every connection ensures maximum security and privacy for our customers.

Full internationalisation support includes multiple languages, 100+ currencies and location names for almost every town & city.

Location based searches allow our members to find nearby matches in a fraction of a second.

State of the art infrastructure management. Our load balanced systems allow us to horizontally scale to facilitate tens of millions of customers.

The Datingnode API powers all of our systems, even our own websites and mobile apps. We are an API first platform.

Real time communication for chat & notifications using push notifications.

We moderate all public information and every single photograph. We have industry leading moderation and investigation tools keeping our service a safe dating environment.

We offer deeper customisation options to our white label partners allowing them to fully customise their service.

Want to know more?

If you would like to more about the Datingnode platform then please download our info pack. If you would like to contact us then please feel free. If you would like to contact us then please feel free to. We are based in Leeds (UK) so if you're local get in touch and pop in for a coffee!

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